Farmlet’s Exclusive Webinar: The Future of Farmland
is Co-Ownership & Regenerative 


Meet the Presenters

Teale Simmons

Fifth-generation Hawkesbury farmer Teale Simmons has co-founded Farmlet, all while studying agricultural science at the University of Sydney. With a strong family history in the agriculture and farming industries, Teale has an unrivalled understanding and tenacious devotion to regenerative agriculture.

Ray Milidoni

Ray Milidoni is a soil health advocate, passionate educator and expert in the agriculture realm. With a strong belief that everything good in life begins with healthy soil, Ray has built a successful career teaching people about soil. He now works with mentors all over the world to create educational programs about soil, initiating inspiring conversations globally.

Meet the Farmer

Cam Griffin

Born and raised in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Cam has always had a passion for the Australian landscape and the diversity of animals that inhabit it. Positive that this was his calling it became clear that the best way to combine the two was the pursue farming, where he attended the University of Queensland and completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Business.

Thu 5th Oct


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Discover the revolution in land ownership and farming practices that is set to rejuvenate Australian soil and communities. Learn firsthand from experts about the opportunities in regenerative agriculture and how you can play a part in this groundbreaking movement.

  1. Deep Understanding of Regenerative Agriculture:

    • Learn the foundational principles of regenerative agriculture from “Regen” Ray, the founder of Farmlet. Understand why this form of agriculture is not just beneficial, but necessary for a sustainable future. Delve into the specifics of how regenerative farming restores land, promotes biodiversity, and fosters community resilience.

  2. Insider Perspectives from a Practicing Regenerative Farmer:

    • Gain firsthand knowledge from Cam Griffin, a seasoned farmer implementing regenerative practices at Binowee Family Grazing. Learn about the real experiences, the triumphs, and the hurdles of transitioning to a regenerative farming model, and the vision for the Binowee Farm under this transformative approach.

  3. Why Farmland Co-ownership?:

    • Get a comprehensive understanding of the farmland co-ownership model pioneered by Farmlet. Learn how it allows for equitable access to land ownership, enabling more individuals to invest in and benefit from regenerative agriculture. Discover how you can be part of this innovative land ownership model that is set to revolutionize the agriculture sector in Australia.

  4. Q&A Session
    • Your questions answered live! An interactive session where you can ask our experts anything you have in mind about regenerative farming and co-ownership of farmlands.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take the first steps towards owning farmland together with fellow Australians who share your vision for a sustainable and prosperous future.¬†

Reserve your spot now and embark on an exciting new chapter in your life!